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Did You Hear Me?

Studies show the average mom repeats herself 847 times to get her kids to listen! ... Well, okay, not really, but it sure seems like it, and that's why Story Roads is being embraced by moms nationwide.

Did You Hear Me? book cover

Story Roads addresses these listening problems, offering a solid, fun, creative and family enjoyable solution.

Improving children's listening, audio processing, creative visualization, imagination and memory skills is the goal of Story Roads. The company produces entertaining original audio stories performed by a full cast of professional actors. Enthralled by the stories, kids never realize they're developing essential skills as they listen. Endorsed by professionals: pediatricians, child psychiatrists, child development specialists, school principals and teachers as well parents and most importantly, kids themselves, Story Roads audio performances are available on CD.

Story Roads strives to bring back skills being lost as advancing technology affects the way kids develop basic skills. When parents call out to their kids to "go put on your shoes", they're hard pressed to get results without repeating themselves over and over again. Story Roads believes this is because kids have become so accustomed to multi-sensory stimulation that they need combined stimuli to focus on and process what they hear. It's as if children's need for accompanying visual stimulation has become so ravenous that teachers and parents feel as if they must perform calisthenics in front of the kids to be heard. After much research, the founders of Story Roads have come to believe that without visual stimuli kids aren't processing sound efficiently, and that with proper isolated practice, auditory skills improve.

Story Roads products are designed to do just that. The more kids listen, the better their listening skills become. Just the process of starting and stopping a story triggers memory skills to kick in as a way for kids to retain what they've heard, enabling them to pick up where they left off the next time. Then by having multiple voices, the story itself becomes more stimulating and fun; children are able to visualize and imagine each character in their own minds' eye. The original material inspires children to listen more intently since they don't know what's coming next. And like any great story, each title continues in a series from story 1 to 2 to 3 and beyond. Plus, it is an enjoyable solution for time in the car, bedtime routines that can work more efficiently, and just all around good family fun the way radio theatre was "back in the day."

Story Roads believes that once you listen, you'll be hooked on all the benefits that come with these entertaining moments you and your kids can share together. A good story is timeless, and after all, don't we all love a good story?

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