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PlayopolisToys sells toys for the diverse needs of the Citizens of Play, the young and young at heart who delight in play. We recognize the best play is open-ended and child-directed. We know children are developing critical skills while they’re playing. That’s why we sell toys that engage children and support their growth.

Carefully chosen toys invite inclusive play. Because play benefits everyone, the developmental toys we sell encourage and allow children with different abilities to participate in activities together. Such inclusive play supports emotional and social development as children learn to accept and accommodate differences.

Consider the basic early childhood task of learning to identify and match shapes. A shape sorter that rewards matching with an auditory response delights and motivates the blind. And the sighted, who readily see when they’ve “made a match,” share the delight. PlayopolisToys offers a variety of toys that support learning about shapes.

Think about coloring, an activity that develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. That’s why the teacher encourages everyone to stay within the lines. In any group, some children will find this more challenging than others, yet everyone will be sharing the experience.

But what about a child who’s blind? Using Wikki Stix Multi-Sensory Resource to outline the picture levels the playing field. With a raised outline, coloring within the lines becomes an attainable goal. Such an accommodation also provides tactile feedback to children with orthopedic challenges.

PlayopolisToys exists because children need to play. It’s essential to their well-being. Something they choose to do. An activity they consider fun. And we know that play is the best way to learn. While playing, children are constantly learning and delighting in the process.

Children are sensory creatures. Everything they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell makes an impression. Among the first lessons babies learn is cause and effect. They do something and observe what happens. Gradually they make the connection between their action and what follows. Including how the people around them respond.

Toys are tools. What’s best for a specific child depends upon age, developmental skills, situation, and interest. PlayopolisToys sells toys that invite play. Providing opportunities for children to engage in open-ended, child-directed play is our goal.

What does that mean? Open-ended toys offer children multiple ways to play. Blocks and building toys are classic examples. The children decide what to build and how. They devise and implement a plan. When hitting a snag, they look for work-arounds. Masters at pursuing activities that offer challenges and reward persistence, children become planners and problem solvers. When children play together, they learn how to collaborate, compromise, and cooperate. Such positive experiences also build self-esteem.

Play is a typical childhood pastime and a proven source of comfort when something disrupts a child’s life. Playing is “what kids do,” so children welcome the normalcy play provides. Often, they create pretend play scenarios that allow them to express and work through their feelings. That’s why therapists use toys to help children experiencing trauma express and manage their feelings. Play is essential.

Toys are indispensable tools for other professionals working with children. Distraction toys help child life specialists draw a child’s attention away from a worrisome procedure, such as a blood draw, IV start, or stitches. While focusing on a captivating light-up toy, the child relaxes, becomes better able to cope, and, therefore, to cooperate. What had been overwhelming becomes manageable. The same technique works well to stop a meltdown. When that happens, everyone wins.