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I’m Christina Wallerstein, the founder of  PlayopolisToys, and I’m delighted to welcome you to our website where you’ll find toys for the citizens of play – the young and the young at heart. Play is big in the lives of children. Polis reminds us of ancient city states governed by their citizens. Play allows children to govern themselves. They decide what to do with what is available to them. And play is essential to learning. While playing, children develop skills that enhance all aspects of their lives.

Children learn differently. We offer toys that maximize sensory awareness, gross and fine motor, language, and cognitive development and provide distraction and multi-sensory stimulation. We sell toys that encourage children to play, learning what happens as a result of their actions and building skills.

As the mother of a son with learning disabilities, I understand the challenges of finding safe, durable, developmentally appropriate toys that allow a child to experience the joy of open-ended, child-directed play.

Toys Stimulate Play

In selecting toys we consider kid appeal. A toy that does not engage a child neither entertains nor educates. Our toys invite play and motivate children to master skills.

Consider Tangles, manipulative toys involving turning, twisting, bending, and coiling interconnected curves. While exploring distinctions in color and texture, children build fine motor, cognitive, and language skills. Tangles invite manipulation and reward play with improved concentration, spatial awareness, and problem solving skills.

Distraction Toys

A member of the Association of Child Life Professionals, I work with child life specialists to provide diversion for hospitalized children. Distraction Toys reduce stress, increase cooperation, and offer much needed fun for children undergoing procedures and coping with illness or injury. Adults find Distraction Toys irresistible too.

Wish Lists

PlayopolisToys invites customers to create Wish Lists. These lists can be private, accessible only by invitation, or public. Parents may choose to create private lists to share with family and friends while institutions create public ones accessible to anyone. Family and friends like knowing what appeals to the child for whom they’re shopping, and those buying for a child with special needs feel more confident in their choices. Public Wish Lists provide an easy way for programs to let potential donors know their needs and for those wanting to fulfill wishes to do so. Find A Wish List makes giving gifts and granting wishes easy.

Granting Wishes Campaigns

Public Wish Lists at PlayopolisToys include ones from hospital-based Child Life Programs and non-profits providing direct services to children with special needs. For corporations encouraging philanthropy among employees, PlayopolisToys creates campaigns that allow participants to allocate funds to one or more recipients. All allocated funds go directly to purchasing toys from the Wish Lists. Another option is to adopt a program. Participants choose one Wish List and focus their efforts on fulfilling those wishes. Anyone interested in sponsoring a campaign is invited to contact me for more information.

Workshops for Special Needs

PlayopolisToys offers workshops on selecting and using toys for children with special needs. Insights gained during these hands-on learning experiences lead to better choices, saving programs time and money. Schedule a workshop to explore how these toys invite play and enhance development and make PlayopolisToys your first choice of toys for inclusive play.


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Personal Service

As a small company, we pride ourselves on taking time to answer questions and explore which toys might work best for an individual child or a specific situation. Finding that “perfect fit” makes our day.

Play is essential…

Christina Wallerstein