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I’m Christina Wallerstein, the founder of PlayopolisToys, and I’m delighted to welcome you to our website where you’ll find toys for the citizens of play – the young and the young at heart.

As the mother of a son with learning disabilities, I understand the challenges of finding safe, durable, developmentally appropriate toys that allow a child to experience the joy of open-ended, child-directed play. Today, our son is an artisan building contractor with a wife and child. He is truly a happy, productive Citizen of Play.

Playopolis Toys sells Distraction, Developmental, Coping, Learning and Sensory Toys for the Diverse Needs of the Citizens of Play.

See our fun resources: Citizens of Play Bill of Rights and Citizenship Certificate that can be personalized and printed.

A Child’s Work is Play

Children learn differently. We offer toys that maximize sensory awareness, gross and fine motor, language, and cognitive development and provide distraction and multi-sensory stimulation. We sell toys that encourage children to play, building skills and learning what happens as a result of their actions.

Tangle original textured for hand manipulationA Toy is a Tool

A Toy is a Tool that can build and construct dreams. When you select the right toy, you make the job fun. In selecting toys we consider kid appeal. A toy that does not engage a child neither entertains nor educates. Our toys invite play and motivate children to master skills.

Consider Tangles, manipulative toys involving turning, twisting, bending, and coiling interconnected curves. While exploring distinctions in color and texture, children build fine motor, cognitive, and language skills. Tangles invite manipulation and reward play with improved concentration, spatial awareness, and problem solving skills.

Toys are a passport to the world – opening doors that connect, build, and communicate ideas and understanding.

Additional Services

In addition to our substantial, curated toy platform, including our Distraction Toys selections, we offer: Complementary Consultations ; Wish Lists you create on our website to share with your donors; Granting Wishes Campaigns ; and Tailored Workshops.

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Play is essential…
Christina Wallerstein