Early Toys

Early Toys introduce children to play and promote development. They introduce color, shape, size, texture, and weight, and provide progressively challenging experiences.

First Toys, the lightest, simplest ones, invite play that becomes more sophisticated as emerging skills allow the introduction of the more complex toys in Next Toys and Later Toys.

PlayopolisToys is my first choice for toys for my preschools and for my grandchildren. I look for unique, high quality toys and especially appreciate Christina Wallerstein’s personal attention to each purchase and her Early Childhood background and expertise.

PlayopolisToys has been our primary source for toys and play equipment for our preschools for years. We can choose from a wide selection of many unique, beautiful toys, games, puzzles, and other play essentials. A delightful way to find special toys for children.

I am often asked by people who see the toys from PlayopolisToys that I give my grandchildren “Where did you get that wonderful toy?”… and the children always love them!

We can choose from a wide selection of beautiful toys that are often unique and always very special.

Judy Crawford
Glendale Adventist Medical Center (Retired Director)

First Toys

First Toys introduce color, shape and texture exploration and provide initial cause and effect experiences. Among First Toys is the Wiggly Giggler rattle. Colorful, lightweight and easy to grasp, this rattle rewards shaking with tactile, auditory, balance and weight feedback.

Next Toys

Next Toys expand upon early experiences with color, shape, texture, and weight, introducing new ways to explore cause and effect and refine emerging gross and fine motor skills. One Two Squeeze Blocks offer 10 blocks hand-sculpted on every side for a total of 60 different raised images for maximum tactile exploration and language learning. Children squeeze and squeak, stack and knock down, learning cause and effect. One Two Squeeze Blocks float, adding another dimension to water play. Each is a 2" cube, the ideal size for tiny hands to grip.

Later Toys

Later Toys develop eye-hand coordination and more refined motor skills while fostering emerging language and cognitive development. Exploring cause and effect now requires problem solving and persistence. Pop Up Toy is one example. This traditional wooden toy features four colorful peg people that pop up and down on concealed springs when pressed. The removable pegs encourage eye-hand coordination as children take them out and put them back. Later play finds children matching pegs to block based on color.

Special Note Regarding Toy Safety

No two children are alike in their development, abilities, limitations, or personalities, and all these factors must be taken into account when choosing toys. What is appropriate and safe for one child may not be for another. Manufacturers label toys with small parts that pose potential choking hazards to children as being "not for children under three years old;" however, that does not mean the toy is, therefore, appropriate and safe for all children over the age of three. Those children, of any age, who continue to put everything in their mouths require special consideration. We urge you to consider carefully the children for whom you are purchasing and to purchase with their needs in mind.