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Emotional Intelligence

From birth some children are easy going and easily soothed. Others arrive “kicking and screaming,” seemingly demanding we address their needs posthaste. Whatever their dispositions, infants are dependent on adults for nurturance. When someone responds consistently and lovingly to his/her cues, the infant learns that needs will be met and feelings respected. This creates attachment and builds trust, both essential elements in emotional well-being. Sadly many infants are not consistently nurtured, a situation that makes developing healthy relationships with others challenging.

And many well nurtured children have disorders that make social interaction difficult. Those with autism spectrum disorders have to learn social skills that come more naturally to others. Making eye contact, learning to interpret facial expressions and body language, and participating in a conversation are challenging and require patient, consistent encouragement from family and friends.

Role playing social situations helps build social skills; stories and games can too.

Eggspressions combines a storybook and six expressive wooden eggs to create a role-playing activity that helps children identify six basic feelings, communicate effectively, and collectively solve a problem. By sharing their feelings and working together, players figure out a happy solution to a challenge.


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