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Infant and Toddler Toys to Avoid: Beware of Branding

Our exploration of quality play started with Throw Away the Script and Engage the Imagination. Now TRUCE shares even more reasons we ought to avoid toys and other items based on TV shows…

Even though children want toys that are based on characters from TV shows or movies, these toys encourage consumerism, unhealthy food choices, and limit your child’s imagination.

Serena received a Baby Elmo stuffed animal as a baby gift and her parents had placed it in her crib where she had slept with it every night since. Now at age 18 months, when she and her mother are in the grocery store, and she sees Elmo’s face on a box of unhealthy snack food, she cries when her mother will not buy the product.

Toys, clothing and foods often use a TV character, like from Disney or Sesame Street, to capture young children’s attention. Why is this a problem? Whenever kids see it, they want it because it’s familiar. These kinds of licensing agreements, which support branding efforts, can lead to unwise buying choices, unhealthy eating habits and nagging.

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With permission from the Child Life Council,  PlayopolisToys is pleased to share this most informative and thought provoking article with you, section by section. TRUCE Guide on Infant & Toddler Play, Toys & Media, reprinted from the Winter 2010 Child Life Council Bulletin.

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