Manipulatives invite both open-ended and structured play and are essential to early childhood education play experiences. Manipulatives build skills. Gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, and language skills develop through interacting with different materials in multiple ways. Manipulatives require figuring out, making them planning and problem solving toys that foster creativity and imaginative play.

Blocks & Building

Play with blocks and building toys begins in infancy with soft building blocks that are easy to grasp, and lightweight. One, Two Squeeze Blocks, a set of 10 blocks hand-sculpted on every side for a total of 60 different raised images providing maximum tactile exploration and language learning, make an ideal introduction to blocks. Children squeeze, stack and knock down, learning cause and effect. One Two Squeeze Blocks float, adding another dimension to water play. Each is a 2″ cube, the ideal size for tiny hands to grip.

Toddler manipulatives reinforce and enhance emerging skills. Fit Together Blocks, wooden building blocks for children as young as 18 months, encourage comparison and discovery of similarities and differences.

Traditional wooden alphabet blocks support language development while Braille Alphabet Blocks, combining lower case letters with their Braille equivalents, add another dimension.

Wooden blocks invite play, open minds, inspire creativity, enhance spatial awareness and motor skills and teach us about balance and gravity. Magnets are mysterious and teach us about polarity. Put the two together and watch the magic happen. Tegu wooden magnetic building sets capture the imaginations of children and adults alike and provide a most precious experience: the joy that comes from open-ended, let’s-see-what happens-if play.

Stringing & Threading

Stringing & Threading develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while enhancing language and cognitive development. Offering progressively difficult lacing activities enables children to gain mastery and develop confidence.

Mazes & More

Mazes & More enable children to manipulate small parts safely, building motor, language, and cognitive skills as they move beads along wire mazes.

Spring-a-Ling, is a portable, pliable, playful, hand-held, bright blue wire maze with red, yellow, and green beads. This toy challenges, stimulates, and delights. 4 1/2″ diameter spring is 6″ tall.

Impulse Toys

Impulse Toys are inexpensive, delightful skill-builders. Most address a single need and offer a single reward. Translucent Groan Tube, for example, enhances motor development and rewards successful grasp and wrist rotation with a “groan.”

More challenging to activate, Spinning Melody Top stimulates fine motor development with dual delights: lights and music.

I want to tell you how much Creative Home Programs has appreciated PlayopolisToys as a resource. You have done an excellent job in selecting toys that are durable, colorful, interesting and adaptable to teaching skills to the infants and toddlers at Creative Home Programs who may have physical, sensory or cognitive limitations.

Carolyn J. Urban
Creative Home Programs for Children (Former Director)

Special Note Regarding Toy Safety

No two children are alike in their development, abilities, limitations, or personalities, and all these factors must be taken into account when choosing toys. What is appropriate and safe for one child may not be for another. Manufacturers label toys with small parts that pose potential choking hazards to children as being "not for children under three years old;" however, that does not mean the toy is, therefore, appropriate and safe for all children over the age of three. Those children, of any age, who continue to put everything in their mouths require special consideration. We urge you to consider carefully the children for whom you are purchasing and to purchase with their needs in mind.