Light Up

light up
Some are simple; others more elaborate. All immediately grab our attention and draw us into a visual fantasy. We’re mesmerized by what we’re seeing and excited with anticipation about what’s to come. Light up toys also enhance our skills, from cause and effect to fine motor and visual tracking. Consistently appealing, these toys delight both the young and the young at heart and are popular for distraction and stress relief.

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  • mini meteor storm light toy

    Mini Meteor Storm 24-pack

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  • Plastic turtle nightlight projects stars

    SuperMax the Turtle

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  • Plush turtle, hard shell, lights & sounds

    Tranquil Turtle

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  • Ultra bright LED light panel

    Ultra Bright LED Light Panel

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  • White Lightning Stick-changing light stick

    White Lightning Stick

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Showing 17–21 of 21 results