4″ Oball


Lightweight, easy to grab, crush, catch, and throw, Oball invites finger exploration and experimentation as children who never before could grasp a ball find themselves easily holding and exploring Oball. BPA, PVC, and latex-free, Oball measures 4″ diameter. Dishwasher safe. Assorted colors.

Product Description

While playing with Oball, infants and toddlers naturally experience cause and effect. At first letting go of the ball and having it fall will be puzzling. Gradually, through repetition, the child realizes that letting go of the ball causes it to fall. Learning to grasp and intentionally release an object is a developmental milestone. Another is pincer grasp. Oball makes an ideal tool for developing this ability. Stuff a lightweight, silky scarf inside an Oball, then show a child how to use her thumb and index finger to pull the scarf out through the hole. The smaller and smoother the scarf, the quicker
the child will be able to pull it out. Vary the fabric to increase the challenge as the child becomes more adept at pincer grasp.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Kids II

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
0 months +


No additional warnings.

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