Activity Board


Bright colors against a white background provide high contrast that attracts attention. Touch triggers sound, light, and vibration on this interactive infant activity board. What happens next is up to baby to discover.

Product Description

With this baby sensory board, babies learn that their actions determine what happens. The dial beneath the heart controls the speed of its beat. Turn to the left to decrease the speed or to the right to increase it. Push the sliding buttons up or down-one at a time or together in any order-to change the color of the flower and hear a random bird tweet. Press and hold down the button beneath the bee to make the bee vibrate and its tail light up. Learning what happens when takes repetition. The most intriguing function on the infant activity board is the sliding buttons. The reactions vary with the direction and the order in which the buttons are pushed. The flower changes color and the bird tweets but the sequence seems random. Requires three AA batteries, not included. Integrated handle moves grab and go easy. Measures 9 1/4″L x 7″W including handle.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Kid O Toys

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months +


No additional warnings.

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