Ambi Lock a Block


When looking for a first shape sorter, choose Ambi Lock a Block. High contrast colors, raised rims, and three dimensional shapes support sorting success. Lock and key retrieval door expands play and develops fine motor skills.

Product Description

This classic toy displays high contrast between the bright white top and the color matched raised rims outlining each opening facilitates “hitting the target.” Three dimensional shapes drop more easily into place than shaped dowel pieces that require precise fitting. Includes two each of three shapes. Retrieve shapes through door on front of block. Permanently attached key fits smoothly in the lock and turns easily; lock clicks as the key turns. Develops eye-hand coordination, fine motor, cognitive, and language skills. Measures 5 1/4″L x 5 1/4″W x 4 3/4″H.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
12 months +


No additional warnings.

Playopolis Tips:
Lock A Block is particularly appealing to children with low vision who benefit from the high contrast and raised rims. The sound of the shapes hitting the bottom of the block and of the key turning in the lock provides auditory reinforcement for the blind and visually impaired.