Anatomically Correct 15-inch African American Boy Doll


Children appreciate dolls that “look like them” – ones that match their own gender and ethnicity. They also enjoy playing with dolls that reflect their wider world. African-American Boy is one in a series of eight anatomically correct, ethnically diverse 15″ dolls from Spain.

Product Description

Anatomically correct dolls help children understand gender differences. At the same time ethnically diverse ones not only support a child’s awareness of cultural, ethnic, and racial differences. Children benefit from playing with dolls that both share their own identity and reflect the people in the world around them.

Doll play promotes nurturing behavior. Made in Spain, these soft vinyl dolls with lightly scented bodies invite cuddling. Children like how they can turn the head and move arms and legs. These dolls can sit as well as lie down and stand up. That promotes both imitative and imaginative play. Inviting a doll to tea, for instance, develops social skills. Sewn on hair allows children to practice combing and brushing. Thereby refining self care skills. Dressing and undressing dolls develops sequencing and fine motor skills. As well as supports self dressing. Anatomically Correct 15-inch African American Boy Doll comes dressed in underpants, trousers, and t-shirt. Anatomically Correct Dolls available in four ethnicities.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


No additional warnings.

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