Anatomically Correct Newborn Latin Girl Doll


Anatomically Correct Newborn Latin Girl Doll helps children understand gender and ethnic differences.

Product Description

Why Anatomically Correct Dolls?

Anatomically correct dolls help children understand gender differences. Children vary their doll play. Sometimes they prefer a doll that reflects their own sexual and ethnic identity. Other times they choose dolls that look like fellow playmates. Available in four ethnicities, Anatomically Correct Newborn Dolls allow for both “just-like-me” and my- friends-and-me doll play. Anatomically Correct Newborn Latin Girl Doll measures 12 1/2″L.

Imitative and Imaginative Play

Pretend play can be both imitative and imaginative. Dolls are important for both boys and girls. That’s because playing with dolls  promotes nurturing behavior. Children benefit emotionally and socially from their attachment to their “babies”.  Not only that but doll play also helps children develop independent living skills. These dolls are made of soft vinyl. So children can bathe their babies. And in the process learn to bathe themselves. Each doll comes with underpants and a soft, stretchy sleeper. This encourages children to practice undressing and dressing their babies. Both activities admittedly challenging for young children. That’s where intergenerational play enters the picture as older siblings or adults initially take on these tasks.

Watching the process, the child learns the sequence of dressing. Clothing goes on in a logical order. Underpants before the sleeper. Pants and socks go on before shoes. Save the jacket for last. Observing this step-by-step process helps children learn to dress themselves. Developing the fine motor skills needed to take off and put clothing whether on themselves or their babies takes time. Years in fact. Children will likely  begin dressing themselves before they’re able to easily dress their babies. That’s a matter of dexterity and finger and hand strength. Articulated head, arms, and legs allow dolls to sit as well as lie and stand. Children can invite their dolls to tea and practice their social skills.

Anatomically Correct Newborn Latin Girl Doll makes an ideal first doll.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


No additional warnings.

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