ASL Books-Series One Fun with Abby & Alyssa

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ASL Books – The Fun with Abby & Alyssa – Series One children’s sign language book series contains six books that chronicle daily activities that Abby & Alyssa experience while demonstrating signs related to the topics and encouraging readers to make the signs as well.

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Raising awareness of American Sign Language (ASL) as a communication skill benefits everyone. In each ASL book in the series Fun with Abby & Alyssa, the author chronicles daily activities in the lives of his granddaughters while the girls demonstrate signs related to the topic and encourage readers to make the signs too. Each book also includes ASL alphabet and numbers 1 through 10. Signing builds finger strength and enhances fine motor skills, word recognition, and language development. A Day at The Zoo finds the girls on a journey through the zoo, A Day with Colors teaches the signs for colors, and A Day Starts with Breakfast introduces signs for foods eaten at breakfast.

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Early School Age

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6 years +


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