Baby Animals Indestructibles


Imagine lightweight, washable, nontoxic, drool, chew, and rip proof books for babies. Because a mother of triplets did, babies can explore Baby Animals with all their senses.

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Product Description

We’ve all seen picture books about Baby Animals, haven’t we? But have you seen Baby Animals Indestructibles?  If you know anything about how babies approach books, you’ll be super impressed. First because of how its made. Thin Tyvek-like pages allow babies to grasp, crumple, and turn pages without tearing.  And to droll and chew on the pages without damaging the book. Then by the engaging, modern graphics. Vivid, well-defined pictures encourage natural conversation between parent and baby. Beyond that recognizing pictures builds vocabulary and encourages storytelling.  As babies develop language, those stories become more complex.

Taking time to share picture books with a child strengthens bonds and builds memories. In addition, the pictures serve as conversation starters. Admittedly, you’ll  be the one doing all the talking at first. Think about how important that is in creating emotional ties. The sound of your voice is one way the baby recognize you. In that way, reading together reenforces attachments. Baby Animals Indestructibles is not just for babies. Older “little kids” like them too. So embrace the opportunity to  ask questions and share ideas.

When you do, you’ll be enriching the storytelling experience. Point out and name each animal. And also share information. Perhaps commenting, “says here a baby opossum is called a joey. So is a baby kangaroo.” Baby Animals Indestructibles also invites comparing baby animals to human ones. Baby  animals love to eat. Chipmunk pups eat apples. While monkey infants prefer bananas.  And  turtle hatchlings  strawberries. So what do you like to eat? Just like you, animal babies love to play and make noise. They like to snuggle too. How about you? I do too. Nontoxic. Safety-tested. Meets or exceeds CPSIA guidelines. Machine washable.

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Infant/First Toys


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0 years +


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