Bell-Shaped Rattle


Lightweight Bell-Shaped Rattle rewards shaking with auditory and visual responses.

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Product Description

Lightweight and easy for tiny hands to grip.  Petite Bell-Shaped Rattle not only makes a delightful first rattle. But also morphs into a baby’s first musical instrument. The clear faceted bell contains an array of brightly colored plastic beads. This allows baby to see and hear what happens when she shakes the rattle. That combination of visual and auditory response enhances cognitive development. Here’s how.

Through play, she is exploring her environment. In the process she gains valuable information. And ultimately comes to understand the meaning of cause and effect. Let’s compare what happens when she shakes two different rattles. One non-transparent, the other see-through.  In the first case, she learns that her actions produce a response. When she shakes the rattle, she hears a specific sound. What she does not understand is how or why. In the second, she observes the beads moving inside the clear bell as she shakes the rattle. That’s how  baby gains a critical insight: “When I do this, that happens.” That’s knowledge she’ll apply later when she shakes her first maraca.   Petite Bell-Shaped Rattle  develops both cognitive and small motor skills. As well as provides visual and auditory stimulation. Measures 4 1/2″H. Available in assorted primary colors. Sold individually or as a 3-pack.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 months +


No additional warnings.

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