Bizi Ball


What makes Bizi Ball an engaging toy for all children and an essential one for those with special needs? For starters, this one-piece, pull-a-part ball is a fun way to learn cause and effect and coordinated movement.

Product Description


When shopping for toys designed specifically for young children with special need, think sensory toys. Such toys invite play with features that not only appeal to children but also support their development. Bizi Ball is an obvious choice.


Children with low vision or autism respond best to high contrast colors. Black, white, and red.  Bizi Ball features these visually stimulating colors. Moreover, two small, round mirrors invite young children to explore their reflections.


Stimulating textures encourage children to explore. Bizi features only gentle textures. Additionally each one is significantly different from all the others.


Gentle crinkle, chime, and rattle help capture a child’s attention. Besides that, children begin developing auditory discrimination as they learn to distinguish among and identify specific sounds by their names.


Teething ring handle not only provides oral stimulation but also tactile.

Bizi Ball = Sensory Fun

Vibrant, high contrast colors teach color and shape recognition and foster cognitive development. Easy to grasp. Bizi Ball encourages finger movement and two-handed play. Velcro tabs at the top of each section keep the four sections of this one-piece ball together. Pulling the sections apart and  pressing them back together again require sequential thinking.  These tasks also develop  eye-hand coordination  and fine motor skills. In addition, the handle with its elastic tether invites extra bouncy fun. The ribs crinkle, providing auditory and tactile stimulation that both motivates and rewards play.

Surface cleaning recommended. Separate, delicate machine wash and dry sparingly.


Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 months +


No additional warnings.

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