Braille Numbers Tiles


Braille Number Tiles support inclusive play. The sighted, visually impaired, and blind can explore numbers one to 10 together.  Braille symbols introduce pre-Braille readers to numbers and raise awareness of Braille among the sighted.

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Product Description

Braille Number Tiles introduce young children to the concept of numbers one to 10. Each double-sided tile features a numeral and its corresponding Braille cell on one side. On the other, an impressed cluster of leaves illustrates its meaning.  And  encourages counting. Gradually through play children learn what each number represents. That’s the key to understanding what we mean when we say a number. Bright numerals in an easy-to-read font invite finger tracing for kinesthetic learning. Such toys enhance numeracy in both  pre-Braille and sighted learners. For additional inclusive  learning, add Braille Alphabet Tiles.


Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
2 years +


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