Braille for the Sighted


Braille for the Sighted is an accessible introduction to braille. Learn alphabet and number recognition. Practice what you’ve learned by playing games.

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Product Description

Braille and sighted come together in this beginning primer. Braille for the Sighted delivers an easy to understand explanation of braille. A must for parents whose children will be learning to read and write braille. The book begins with an introduction to its creator Louis Braille. Born in France in 1809, he lost his sight in an accident when he was three years old. Eager to learn, he set out to create a way to read and write. In the beginning he arranged raised dots in groups of six with short dashes to represent letters and numbers. Although he completed an alphabet by the age of 15, he continued to perfect his system. When finally satisfied with his raised dot way of communicating, Braille wrote a book explaining his method for reading and writing. Ultimately he not only created a written language for the blind, but he did it by the age of 20.

Braille for the Sighted explains how he organized dots into groups of six to create letters and numbers that people read with their fingertips. Using the book, readers learn to recognize letters of the alphabet and numbers. Then to read simple words. Want to learn more? First practice. Then challenge yourself with the activities designed to test your knowledge. Difficult? Of course. Learning to read any new language is. To increase proficiency, make flash cards. Remember playing with alphabet blocks as a child? Now play with Braille Alphabet Blocks. Play is essential to learning.

Braille for the Sighted has one drawback. The braille dots are not raised. Instead the raised dots within a cell of six are represented by large dots. Despite this, the sighted get an idea of how braille works. Importantly the Braille Alphabet in raised dots appears on the back cover.

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age

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5 years +


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