Buddy Dog


Because children recognize faces early on, Buddy’s face, with its oversized eyes and friendly smile, easily captures a child’s attention.

Product Description

Looking for sensory toys specifically designed for children with special needs? Such toys invite play with features that not only appeal to children but also support their development. This Buddy Dog toy is an ideal choice. Here’s why.


Children with low vision or autism respond best to high contrast colors. Think black, white, and red. These are the colors designers chose when creating Buddy.


Stimulating textures encourage children to explore. That’s the reason for smooth, crisp cotton and soft velour. Paws and ears with rubbery, raised dots. And a patch of velcro hidden on the back. As a result of these experiences, children begin to develop tactile discrimination. That’s crucial for pre-Braille readers.


An inner layer of crinkle paper makes Buddy’s vest crackle. While this feature delights most children, those hyper sensitive to sound cringe. Removing the vest eliminates the offending sound. Then the children can explore and discover everything else Buddy Dog offers. The vest also serves another purpose too. Learning to take off and put on the vest requires problem solving and develops fine motor skills.

Additional auditory surprises await the curious. Children hear more subtle sounds in Buddy’s paws. Squeak, rattle, and crinkle.


The teething ring on Buddy’s tail provides oral stimulation.


When a child pulls the tail, Buddy vibrates with a soothing hum. The vibration is short to encourage repeated pulling. Young children like repetition. And for good reason. By performing a task over and over again and getting the same outcome, the child is re-enforcing cause and effect. Like scientists conducting experiments, children need to replicate their results.

Irresistible Buddy Dog  = Perfect Developmental Toy

Without question the Buddy Dog toy appeals to the senses. As a result of such sensory play, children develop tactile and visual discrimination skills. Furthermore, this crinkle stuffed animal toy for babies improves eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Furthermore they improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally with practice taking the vest off and putting it on again, children begin learning skills leading to self-dressing. When pulling the tail and feeling the vibration, they’re learning cause and effect and honing memory and recall. What’s more Buddy invites social engagement that enhances speech and language. As well as nurturing behavior.

Buddy measures about 11″H. Surface clean. Air dry.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 months +


No additional warnings.

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