Busy Bee Baby Buzzer


The IQ Baby Busy Bee Baby Buzz’r lights up, vibrates, and plays soothing classical lullabies to create a multi-sensory experience.

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Product Description

Engage and Sooth

If you’re a parent,  you know your best efforts at soothing your baby sometimes aren’t enough. That’s when an engaging toy can turn the tide. So, what makes a toy engaging?  Typically one that appeals to the senses. Because babies explore their environment with all their senses. Busy Bee Baby Buzz’r attracts attention with its bright, high contrast colors. But that’s only the beginning. Once baby grasps it, she discovers a trio of textures, from the smooth body to raised dots on one ear and ribs on the other.  Then, of course, she gnaws on those ears. They’re really handy for soothing sore gums.

Stimulate the Senses

Those are obvious features. More subtle ones await discovery. Investigate the antennae. Push down first one, then the other. Cheeks light up and begin blinking slowly and steadily. Then classical music plays softly. Twelve calming classical lullabies provide ever-changing auditory stimulation. And what about the bee’s “stinger”? Press that to activate attention-grabbing  vibrations that cycle on and off.  The unit vibrates to the beat of the music. Each function has its own on/off switch  Enjoy one, two, or all three simultaneously. Because Busy Bee Baby Buzz’r was designed to be soothing, all visual, auditory, and tactile features are gentle. Shuts off automatically if left unattended for two minutes. Mirrored back provides additional play value.

Develop Skills

Busy Bee Baby Buzz’r encourages exploration that leads baby to observe and experience “what happens if I do this”?  Admittedly parents control what’s on and off  at first, but then baby will figure out how. Besides learning about cause and effect, baby develops fine motor and memory skills. Designed by a pediatrician, this multi-sensory toy also provides distraction during diaper changes.  Who doesn’t appreciate more cooperation then?  Versatile and portable, this is a “don’t leave home without this” toy.Requires two AAA batteries. Demo batteries included.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

IQ Baby

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 months +


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