Playing a Concertina requires using both hands to push and pull together to produce sound.

Product Description

Exploring Sound, Making Music

Young children like to make music. They raise their voices in joyous song on their own and in a group. They pick up rhythm band instruments and, given the opportunity, bang pots and pans together, all for the joy of reveling in sound. In the process, they’re making discoveries and developing skills. Concertina invites preschoolers to  explore the relationship between space and sound. So what exactly does that mean?  As a child pulls the accordion apart and pushes it together, the sound varies. Gradually the child makes the connection and adjusts her playing to suit her sound preferences. All the while she’s  developing auditory discrimination skills. Some children prefer to grip the fabric handles while others slide their hands under the handles and hold the ends with open palms. Measures 4″ diameter.

Developing Bilateral Coordination

Obviously playing Concertina takes both hands. That’s particularly valuable for developing  a critical skill: bilateral coordination. That’s the ability to coordinate both sides of our bodies. Our ability to control and organize our movements requires both sides of our brain to share information effectively. Such  purposeful movement involves all aspects of our lives. Consider gross and fine motor motor skills such as walking and banging those pots and pans. Beyond that are activities of daily living, from dressing and feeding ourselves to cutting with scissors and learning to print.

Concertina is one to develop bilateral coordination through play. Another is playing with Pop Tubes. Both require using both hands and provide the pull and push activity that involves crossing the midline of the body and engaging both sides of the brain.



Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
18 months +


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