Dimpl Stack


Dimple Stack takes stacking and nesting play to new dimensions with textured silicone bubbles atop each cup.

Product Description

Dimpl Stack takes classic stacking and nesting play in new directions. The five vibrant cups stack from biggest to smallest. Then nest from smallest to biggest. Success comes from experimenting. As they stack and “reverse course” to nest, toddlers begin developing spatial reasoning That’s one way Dimpl Stack is different.

Another is the squishy silicone bubble on the top of every cup. And there’s nothing plain about those bubbles. Their unique embossed textures arouse curiosity. Fascinated, little fingers begin exploring the surface. Soon fingers push. And the bubble POPS. Wow! How’d that happen? Let’s do that again. On each and every cup. Yep. Push a bubble, hear a POP.¬† Let’s do that again. All that pushing develops fine motor skills. Strengthening not only finger muscles. But also improving eye-hand coordination.

Built to last. BPA-free. Bases are high-quality ABS plastic. Bubbles are food-grade silicone. Try Dimpl and Dimpl Wobbl for additional ways to experience the joy of pushing  a bubble and hearing a POP.

Do you know why toddlers like doing the same activity over and over? Because they want to find out if what happened when they did something¬† once always happens. Repetition re-enforces what they’ve observed. They learn that their actions have predictable outcomes. While playing, toddlers are not only learning cause and effect. They’re also practicing scientific inquiry. In the process, they’re learning how the world works. Then when a challenge arises, they’re able to apply what they’ve learned. Creative thinking and problem solving grow through experience and insight. Of course sometimes a child becomes frustrated with a toy and tosses it aside. Remember that play is, by definition, a pleasurable experience. When an activity stops being fun, moving on to something else makes sense. That’s true for both children and adults.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Fat Brain Toys

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months +


No additional warnings.

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