Dimpl Wobbl


Dimpl Wobbl engages multiple senses. Baby can taste, touch, see. Reach, grasp, and let go. All the while learning what happens when she does.

Product Description

Explore Dimpl Wobbl and discover all its possibilities. Reach out and grab it. Chew on its rim. The bumpy texture soothes sore gums. Press fingers hard against the silicone button in the center of the rim. That’s a dimpl. Hear a POP. Feel the dimpl push forward to the other side. Now notice how one side is bumpy, the other smooth. And how repeated pushing back and forth always creates that POP. Now set it down. Give it a push. Watch what happens. See how it wobbles. Bat it and watch it tilt back and forth. Or side to side. How it wiggles and wobbles but always stays upright. Pick it up and feel its weighted base. That’s its secret. So much to discover. BPA-free. Dimpl Wobbl comes in assorted bright colors. For additional ways to enjoy pushing a bubbles and hearing a POP, try Dimpl and Dimpl Stack.





Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Fat Brain

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months+


No additional warnings.

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