DNA Ball 12-pack


Grab a DNA Ball for distraction, stress relief, and increased flexibility and strength in the hands.

Product Description

Feeling stressed out? Take time to play. Doing so not only takes your mind off what has you “all hot and bothered”. It relaxes your body. As well as calms your mind. DNA Ball  12-pack provides an easy way for multiple kids and adults alike to play any time, any place. Engage your senses as you play. Look at the bright pastel beads. Feel the smooth, soft, squishy outside of the ball  and way the beads move around as you squeeze.

Now begin tossing the stress ball back forth between your hands. Vary your speed. Listen to the sound the ball makes as it bounces off your hands. Pay attention to how the sound changes as you toss lightly, then harder. Tossing improves eye-hand coordination. Children and adults alike benefit from that.

Then switch from tossing to working the ball. Notice how the slightly tacky yet smooth, ultra soft skin makes the ball easy to hold. Flatten it out. Then form into a ball. Squeeze. Release. Squeeze again. You’re not only improving your flexibility. You’re also strengthening your fingers and hands.

Gradually all your tension melts away. Because active play promotes a sense of well being. Focusing on the activity itself calms the mind. This smooth, soft , and squishy DNA stress ball is a must have distraction toy. As well as an appealing fidget toy. Latex free. This thermoplastic, elastomer ball measures 2 1/2″ diameter.

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Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
5 years +


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