What is a FiddLink? That depends on who is fiddling with it and why. For one person, it’s the best ever hand exerciser. For another, it’s “just a fidget”. Both experience the benefits. Relief from stress. Improved focus. And increased hand and finger strength. Makes sense to keep one “handy.”

Product Description

About FiddLink

Who needs a way to relieve stress? Improve focus? Build hand strength, flexibility, and dexterity?  Everyone, of course. So, celebrate FiddLink. Fiddling with this link based fidget affords both immediate and long term benefits. Just push and pull the links. Instantly tension melts away. The body relaxes and the mind calms. We think more clearly. Focus better. Then with continuing use, we improve muscle function in our fingers and hand. As our muscles grow stronger and more flexible, our coordination improves. So does our dexterity. Such is  the power of FiddLink to enhance hand health.  Both children and adults benefit from hand exercises. And the beauty is, we’re playing all the while. Compact, lightweight, and portable, they’re perfect for on-the-go stress relief. Assorted colors combinations. Finger Fidget 3-pack gives a spare and one to share.

Importance of Hand Health

Fidgeting reduces anxiety and alleviates tension. When our mind is at ease and our bodies relaxed, we’re better able to concentrate. We all need ways to unwind. What’s more  all of us would benefit from better muscle function in our fingers and hands. Strong, flexible muscles make everyday activities possible. For everyone from young children to elders. Just think how healthy hands make possible such essential activities as using utensils for eating. Buttoning, lacing, and zipping . Even fastening and unfastening velcro. Beyond feeding and dressing ourselves, we need strong, flexible fingers and hands for coloring with crayons. Cutting with scissors. Writing reminders to ourselves. And opening stubborn jars.

Improved joint mobility makes everything we do with our fingers and hands easier.  It is absolutely essential to signing. FiddLink Finger Fidgets are an ideal way for students of American Sign Language to gain both finger strength and flexibility. And for all signers to maximize hand health.



Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

Hand Health Unlimited

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under three-years-old.

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