Fidget Widget


How does a cube become a widget? Functionality. Novelty. In response to a perceived need. A cube offers six faces for six functions. Aha, functionality and novelty transform a cube into a Fidget Widget.

Product Description

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, or so says the adage goes. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, the truth is many children and adults alike are restless and cannot focus adequately. Unless, that is, their hands are busy doing something. Fidget Widget keeps hands busy. More importantly that busyness reduces anxiety, relieves stress, and improves concentration. Each face of this 1 1/4″ fidget cube features a novel way to play. If you’re someone who fidgets to focus, try Fidget Widget. You’ll not only click, dial, and flip; you’ll also jump, scroll, and slide. Along the way, you will also be strengthening your fingers. The colors of this fidget toy for kids vary.

And now, a word of caution. Fidget Widget is not an altogether quiet fidget. Some functions are barely audible, while others are loud enough to be annoying to people nearby.

For more fidget fun, try LED Fidget Spinner.

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age

Jo's Dream

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
5 years +


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under three-years-old old.

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