Find It Mythical Creatures


Have you ever seen a dragon fly? Or sat astride a unicorn? Rubbed a genie’s lamp? Or caught sight of a leprechaun? All these and more await discovery in the Find It Mythical Creatures toy by Identity Games.

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Product Description

You’ll be looking for the 40 items listed on the top cap  plus a mystery object disclosed in the playing cards. Every object has an assigned value, from one to 20. Spotting Bigfoot earns one point, the mystery object eight, and the often elusive penny inside every Find It tops all the others at 20. With multiple ways to play, the Find It Mythical Creatures toy challenges your knowledge of folk tales and supernatural beings from around the world. Keep a dictionary or Wikipedia handy while going down the list. Otherwise, when you see the word hippocampus, you might think of the region of our brain thought responsible for emotions and memory, and although that’s true, you’d be missing a chance to identify one of the fish-tailed horses of Greek Mythology. The beauty of Find It Mythical Creatures is the chance to find out who’s who and what’s what, then check each off the list. While concentrating on finding out about the Jersey Devil, a kraken, or a troll or taking note of the similarities and differences between a hippocampus and a manticore, you’ll feel more relaxed. Play is the ultimate distraction, the perfect antidote to stress, and the best way to learn. Remember how impressed adults are by preschoolers who can identify and pronounce the names of dinosaurs? Mythical Creatures entices players to learn more about these rich traditional stories and create their own tales. Find It makes an ideal gift for a child or adolescent in hospital by providing distraction and inviting social interaction. With themes ranging from Kids World and Eww Gross to Where’s Waldo and At the Beach, there’s something to excite everyone.


Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age

Identity Games International

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 + years


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under three-years-old.

Playopolis Tips:
Mythical Creatures enriches language and expands knowledge of myths from around the world, making this Find It perfect for intergenerational play.