Fish Castanet


Children adore music and movement. Fish Castanets invite both. Playing this simple percussion instrument creates a rhythm. Dancing to the beat just comes naturally.

Product Description

 Fish Castanet Builds Pincer Grasp

This simple wooden percussion instrument proves the power of play. But what makes Fish Castanet so appealing to young children? Bright primary colors. Intriguing shape. Big, friendly eyes. Curious minds want to learn more. That’s when the fun begins. Through exploration and experimentation, the child discovers how to make a soft clacking sound with a castanet. He repeats his actions and observes what happens. Over and over again. That’s a lesson in cause and effect.

Likely the first  experiments involve using the  whole hand. Maybe the child places the toy on the floor and presses down, hearing the clack. Or holds the castanet between open palms and  presses his hands together. Gradually the child learns to put his thumb on the bottom and his fingers on the top of the instrument. That’s when he begins developing pincer grasp and strengthening finger muscles. Measures 3 1/2″L. Easy for small hands to grasp and play. When used to make music with other children and other rhythm band instruments, Fish Castanet becomes a vehicle for enriching musical experiences and building social skills.

What is Pincer Grasp? Why Is It Important?

Perhaps you’re wondering what pincer grasp is.  Or why it is such a critical skill. Pincer grasp is the ability to pick up an object using the tips of the thumb and index finger. You may have seen a young child pick up Cheerios  this way. In fact,  self feeding depends upon the child developing pincer grasp.  This is  the case whether the child eats with his fingers or uses utensils. So does independent dressing. Think about manipulating buttons and zippers. Other daily activities require this fine motor skill too. Building with blocks, properly holding a pencil, cutting with scissors are all activities that depend upon a child’s ability to coordinate thumb and index finger. Playing a Fish Castanet builds these fine motor skills.







Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
12 moths +


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