Form Sorter – Basic Shapes Puzzle


Learn basic shapes and primary colors while building eye-hand coordination, fine motor, matching, and spatial skills with Form Sorter.

Product Description

Form Sorter – Basic Shapes Puzzle makes an ideal first puzzle. Additionally, it is an essential assessment tool for early childhood educators. Three easy to grasp, chunky shapes introduce basic shapes and primary colors. At 1 3/8″ thick, the shapes invite block play. Through this process, the childĀ  learns to identify a shape by feel as well as sight. That helps when matching a solid shape to its outline on a board.

The most valuable feature of this puzzle, however, is that each shape fits only in its proper space on the puzzle board. That’s important for toddlers comparing shapes and working to figure out which shape goes where. If the circle fits inside the square, then where does the square go? That’s too much for most toddlers to figure out. And so a rewarding experience becomes a disaster. Measures 11 3/4″L x 4 3/4 “W x 2″H.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
1 year +


No additional warnings.

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