Hooty-Hoo Sound Shape Sorter


Product Description

Something old is new again. Toymakers have re-imagined Sound Puzzle Box. Like its classic predecessor, Hooty-Hoo Sound Shape Sorter appeals to the senses while developing fine motor, cognitive, and language skills. Children first identify three basic shapes-circle, square, and triangle. Then match each one to its proper place. They delight in watching  and listening as each shape slides down its tube, “hooting” as it goes. Raised rims make fitting the shapes easier. The blind and visually impaired particularly appreciate these tactile cues. As well as the high contrast between background and rim colors.

In the re-design, the shapes became perches for owls. Hence the name Hooty-Hoo. Each owl not only has its own color but also a distinctive personality, as seen in its eyes. Toddlers are apt to find these little owls attractive imaginative playmates. Three spirals of different colors and shapes fill the spaces between the tubes. Five beads in different color and shape pairings slide up and down the windy, plastic columns. With shapes to sort and beads to finger, Hooty-Hoo helps toddlers develop eye-hand coordination, grasp and release, and pincer grip skills.



Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
10 months - 3 years


No additional warnings.

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