Interlox Discs


Interlox Discs foster creativity with easy to connect translucent circles in vibrant rainbow colors. Simply slide one disc into another. With slots all around, the building possibilities are endless.

Product Description

Young children are sensory beings. Consequently they like toys that appeal to their senses. The building toy Interlox Discs does. Here’s how. First there are 96 translucent circles in vibrant neon rainbow colors. Plus tactile elements. Not just raised rim around the edges for easy grip. But also inset circles in the center and four corners.

Ideal for use on a LED light panel, translucent discs invite exploring color. That’s how children find out what happens when they place a red and a yellow disc together on the panel. Yellow and blue. Or blue and red. Moreover combining Interlox Discs and a light panel supports inclusive play among  sighted and low vision children.

Not only do the discs slide together and pull apart easily. But joined pieces stay together well.  That means children can successfully build both horizontally or vertically. Moreover their structures can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.  In addition to building with Interlox Discs, children can create patterns and sequences based on color. Recognizing patterns is an essential pre-reading and pre-math skills. After all, words  and numbers are sequences.

Without question building develops skills. From eye-hand coordination, fine motor, planning, and problem solving skills to spatial awareness. As they build, children become more competent and more confident. Unleash further creativity by combining Interlox Discs with their companion Interlox Squares.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
2 years +


No additional warnings.

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