Jungle Pals Skittles


Soft, safe, colorful ball and six smiling wild animal pins invite toddlers to explore and discover the play possibilities of Jungle Pals Skittles. Ball contains a jingle bell and each pin  a rattle, engaging children in play long before anyone thinks of setting up the pins and bowling.

Product Description

From stretching an arm and reaching out to grasping and holding, shaking and tossing, setting up and knocking down, Jungle Pals Skittles engages toddlers in physical activity that develops fine and gross motor skills. Bowling develops balance, coordination, spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, grasp and release. Machine washable. Pins are six inches tall. Comes in zippered tote with carry handle for portable play.



Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
12 months +


No additional warnings.

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