Lighted Liquid Timer


Frazzled? Fractious? Fidgety? Soothe yourself with Lighted Liquid Timer. Watching colored bubbles form and skip down ramps reduces stress.

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Product Description

How Lighted Liquid Timer Works Its Magic

Lighted Liquid Timer relieves stress. How?  Watching colored oil form into bubbles and cascade down and around ramps is captivating. Not only relaxing our bodies But also soothing our minds. Tiny twin lights-one blue, the other red- flash on and off, attracting our attention and briefly brightening the path. What we see engages our attention. At first the beads look like blobs of various sizes racing down the ramps. Then small beads form,  drop, and roll slowly.  At first the droplets run close together. Soon the space between grows wider and the pace slower. Often a straggler or two trail behind. The movement of the beads mesmerizes us. Just as the lights stop flashing and racing blobs become meandering beads, we feel ourselves slowing down, shifting from frenzied to calm. As if by magic. To restart, simply turn upside down. Cylindrical shape is easy to hold.

Benefits of Liquid Bubblers and Timers

These sensory toys offer numerous benefits. Primarily because when we are fully engaged, tension melts away. So we feel better. Our focus and concentration improve. That’s why liquid motion bubblers and timers are invaluable distraction and fidget toys. As we describe what we’re seeing our descriptive language skills improve. And that makes us better communicators all around.  As we turn the timer, we’re developing fine motor skills, from grasp to wrist rotation.

Lights powered by two included CR927 batteries. Measures 2″D x 5 3/4″H. Comes in assorted colors.

Like variety? Order assorted colors. Want two, three or four  times the fun? Quickly line up multiples and watch to see if one finishes first. Grab a stopwatch and time the runs. Does one consistently finish first? Need a gift ? Think of all those you know who need a distraction or fidget toy. Perhaps someone with  autism or a hyperactivity  disorder. Why not delight one and all with the gift of a Lighted Liquid Timer?

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
14 years +


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under three-years-old.

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