Liquid Motion S-Tumbler 2-pack


Frazzled? Fractious? Fidgety? Soothe yourself with a Liquid Motion S-Tumbler 2-pack.

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Product Description

Liquid Motion S-Tumbler 2-pack gives twice the fun. Tumblers initially distract. Then fascinate. All the while they are relieving stress. Watching multi-colored bubbles form, bounce, and slide down multiple ramps is more than entertaining. The benefits more numerous. First, unwinding. Then easing into improved focus and deeper concentration. Moreover observing simple scientific principles in action heightens our curiosity. Beyond that, as we talk about what we’re seeing, we use descriptive language that further enriches our communication skills.

Easy to grasp. Rotate to restart the magic. Liquid Motion S-Tumbler 2-pack not only relieves stress and improves concentration. It also improves fine motor skills, from grasp to improved wrist rotation. Contains colored oil and water. Measures 3″L x 5 1/4″H. Comes in assorted color combinations. Need only one? Order Liquid Motion S-shaped Tumbler.

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
5 years +


Liquid Motion S-shaped Dual Color Tumbler is not a toy.

Playopolis Tips:
Use Liquid Motion S-shaped Dual Color Tumbler for distraction and as a reward for completing a task.