Listen to Clues


Listen to Clues requires players to use their own words to guide each other toward selecting the correct picture sequence.

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Product Description

Listen to Clues enhances skills critical to personal success: clear communication, active listening, comprehension, pattern recognition, sequencing, cooperation and teamwork. Designed for two players-the speaker and the active listener. Playing pieces include four double-sided game boards and 32 double-sided playing cards, both with pictures on one side and colored dots on the other. Players choose a game board and corresponding playing cards by matching colored outlines. The listener has the game board in front of her with picture side up. The speaker has the cards stacked with the colored dots facing up. He flips a card and uses verbal clues and body gestures to describe what he sees. The listener points to the picture she thinks he’s describing. The speaker flips the card from picture to colored dot and places it above the indicated picture. Once the listener has identified all the pictures on the game board, she flips the game board. The colored dots on the game board should match the order of those on the playing cards.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
4 years +


No additional warnings.

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