Mini Maracas-pair


Mini Maracas bring out a young child’s natural joy in music and movement.

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Product Description

Looking for  maracas for young children? Your search is over. Latin Percussion makes the best ever. That’s  because their  mini maracas, called chikitas, respond to shaking with the big sound of standard maracas. Perfectly sized for small hands. And weighted to create a solid, rhythmic sound. That’s what makes these maracas the best.  After all, the sound quality of an instrument  directly affects how we respond to what we hear.  Easy to grip, chikitas measure 4 3/4″L. Sold by the pair. Assorted bright colors. Order multiple pairs and create a rhythm band. Music and movement bring joy to musicians and observers alike. Everyone benefits. Tense muscles relax. Spirits soar.

Music invites playing around.  That’s how children discover ways to create different sounds. To play soft or loud, slow or fast. In the process, children also develop  auditory discrimination skills. In addition children  learn to identify  a variety of musical instruments. By sight as well as sound. All the while expanding vocabulary and  language abilities.  Furthermore playing musical instruments  develops motor skills. And supports inclusive play. Children with different abilities develop social skills while making music together. Latin Percussion also makes the best ever egg shakers.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys

Latin Percussion

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
2 years +


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