Mini Wiggly Giggly Ball


What wiggles, giggles, and rolls, inviting laughing children to chase after it? Mini Wiggly Giggly Ball, of course.

Product Description

Mini Wiggly Giggly Ball  grabs attention with high contrast dots and swirls against a bright background. And that’s just the beginning. Place it on the floor. Give it a push. Watch and listen.  As it rolls, the ball wiggles and giggles. The sound is infectious. Crawlers and walkers alike give chase, eager to catch up with the ball and give it another push.  Delightful for all infants and toddlers. And a must have for those who are blind or visually impaired.

Mini Wiggly Giggly Ball not only re-enforces the young child’s emerging understanding of cause and effect.  It also encourages physical activity that builds gross motor strength. Furthermore rolling the ball back and forth with another person fosters social interaction. No batteries required. Measures 4 1/2″ diameter. Assorted bright colors.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months+


No additional warnings.

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