My Mood Memo


My Mood Memo invites children as young as two years old to explore facial expressions and begin putting a name of the emotions the faces on the picture tiles express.

Product Description

Matching and Memory Games

Sorting and matching are classic early childhood activities. So is playing memory games. Often, in fact, what starts out as a matching game morphs into one of concentration. Matching can be as simple as pairing up two identical objects. Such is the objective in Teachable Touchables. Often, however, players use picture cards or tiles for matching. Sometimes by pairing alike pieces.  Other times by locating an identical picture on a game board.  When ready for another challenge, the players turn the cards upside down. That’s how a matching game becomes a memory one. My Mood Memo pairs pictures tiles and works both for matching and remembering.

My Mood Memo

The game comes with 24 tiles representing 12 different emotions. Bright colors attract attention. Clear facial expressions make identifying the emotion easier. Children as young as two years old begin learning to identify feelings while playing with the 2 3/4″ diameter wooden tiles. Initially they simply explore the tiles. Visually intrigued  by the colors and the different facial expressions. Likely they also experiment with ways to incorporate these fascinating rounds into their play. Perhaps heaping them into a  pile. Or stacking and knocking down. Maybe lining up in a row. They’re simply exploring possibilities.

Later an adult suggests another way to use the tiles. As a game. Perhaps the child’s first ever. Now My Mood Memo becomes a vehicle for talking about feelings and putting names to our emotions. The game includes a color wheel of the 12 facial expressions, pairing each with its name. Some emotions are easier to see than others. Sometimes deciphering what someone is feeling from the look on her face is hard. These picture tiles help. So does talking about emotions and “making faces” that represent them. Our ability to understand and manage our feelings contributes to our emotional well-being. Understanding how  another person is feeling develops empathy and supports positive social interaction. Game works well for up to 4 players.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
2 years +


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