Peekaboo Lock Boxes


What’s behind the yellow door? Six small color coordinated boxes, each holding a unique shape and fastened with a unique lock, make Peekaboo Lock Boxes an engaging way to learn about color, shape, and spatial relationships.

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Product Description

What makes Peekaboo Lock Boxes so appealing? First, there’s the chance to sneak a peek. A translucent acrylic window opposite the door of each box beckons. Who can resist that? Then there’s the ultimate challenge. Each box features a different lock. Some seem familiar. Others less so. How does this one work? Study the possibilities. Find the solution.  Unlocking the doors leads to retrieving what’s inside the box. Pull out the easy-to-grasp, chunky geometric shapes, then match shapes to boxes, dropping each shape through the cut-out in the top of its box. When play concludes, boxes fit securely on a storage tray. Each lock box measures 4 1/4″ square. How Peekaboo Lock Boxes Builds Problem Solving Skills

Color coded tray, matching doors, windows, and shapes. All these support what young children are learning about colors and shapes. Six different locks, on the other hand, present new challenges. Learning to open and close fasteners can be frustrating. In the beginning, children may need our encouragement. Perhaps even a suggestion or two. What they most need from us, however, is the freedom to experiment and discover. With patience and persistence, most children figure out what to do. On their own. That’s how they learn to solve problems. It’s also how they build self-confidence. And improve their eye-hand coordination and finger dexterity.

Sometimes children learn best when gradually introduced to an activity. In such cases, offer a child only one box to explore and figure out how to open and close. Once successful, the child will be more willing to tackle another one.


Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
2 years +


No additional warnings.

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