pipSquigz are an ideal take-along toy as they connect to any clean surface with just one push.

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Product Description

Fun little suckers, pipSquigz invite play. With not one, not two , but three distinctive playful figures. Each a different color, shape, and texture. What’s more, they rattle when shaken. And that’s only the beginning. Watch wee ones as they reach out, grasp, and explore each one, experiencing similarities and differences with all their senses. Observing visual and tactile differences. Shaking and hearing the rattle. Smelling and tasting. In the process learning about cause and effect as the child observes what happens when she shakes the rattle.

Suction cup bases  also connect to any smooth surface with a simple push. Table trays likely come to mind first.  But don’t stop there. For added play value, pair pipSquigz with  Wimmer-Ferguson Double Feature Mirror. Now the young child gets a new perspective. Initially lay the mirror flat. Later mount it vertically to provide yet another visual experience. In this way, pipSquigz continue to delight and build skills as the child grows.

pipSquigz provide visual, tactile, and auditory stimulation. Not only that. They encourage hands-on  learning and fine motor skill building. This improves sensory integration, an essential developmental milestone.  Compact and lightweight for on-the-go-play.  They’re also easy to clean. Made of high-quality, food-grade silicone, they’re even dishwasher safe.

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Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Fat Brain Toys

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 months +


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