Pop Fidget-Rainbow Puzzle


How do you feel?  Anxious? Stressed?  Then stop whatever you’re doing and fidget. Grab a Pop Fidget-Rainbow Puzzle and pop , pop, pop until you’re calm and relaxed.

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Product Description

Likely everyone prefers feeling “calm, cool, and collected.” Yet our reality is all too often we’re feeling anxious and tense. That’s definitely not a  healthy or productive state of mind and body. So how do we turn the table on these negative feelings? The answer is simple. We give ourselves permission to play. That’s simple too. All we’re doing is  an activity that gives us pleasure. Something that takes our mind off what’s gotten us “hot and bothered.”  When we take time to play our minds and bodies take notice. We feel less anxious. And less tense.  Our sense of well-being returns. We’re better able to concentrate. That’s important because when we’re able to focus,  we solve problems more successfully.  In this way, playing with a Pop Fidget-Rainbow Puzzle actually improves our productivity. When we’re feeling out of sorts is the perfect time to grab a fidget toy and play around for a while. After all, fidgeting is a form of self regulation.

Pop Fidget-Rainbow Puzzle is a delightful choice. The shape makes us smile. And the rainbow colors lift our spirits. Besides, who can resist the joy of popping bubbles? The high-grade silicone bubbles invite repeated popping. So we can  play as long as necessary to relax and unwind. Pop Fidget-Rainbow Puzzle is soap and water washable. Measures an irregular 5″L x 5 “W x 5/8″H.

Like variety? Pop Fidget Tie-Dye comes is assorted shapes, patterns, and colors.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

Jeannie's Enterprises

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
5 years +


No additional warnings.

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