Pop Fidget-Tie Dye


Product Description

Certainly we all like to feel “calm, cool, and collected.” At least most of the time. But our reality is otherwise. Too often we feel anxious and tense. That’s definitely not a  healthy or productive state of mind and body. Question is how do we ditch these negative feelings? The answer is simple. We play. That means we engage in an activity that gives us pleasure. We do something that takes our mind off what’s bothering us. When we play our minds and bodies take notice. We feel less anxious. Tension melts away. Our lost sense of well-being returns. We concentrate better. When we can focus, we can solve  problems more effectively. That’s how playing with a Pop Fidget-Tie Dye actually improves our productivity. Whenever  the need arises, grab a fidget toy and fiddle as long as you need to. After all, fidgeting is a form of self regulation.

Pop Fidget-Tie Dye is an appealing choice. The retro designs and upbeat colors lift our spirits . And who doesn’t enjoy popping bubbles? The high-grade silicone bubbles invite repeated popping. So pop as long as you need to relax and unwind. Pop Fidget-Tie Dye is soap and water washable. All are 5/8″ thick. Circle measures 5″ diameter; other shapes 5″L x 5 “W.  Assorted shapes, designs, and colors.

Variety adds spice to life, or saying the saying goes. So  consider adding Pop Fidget-Rainbow Puzzle to your collection of fidget toys. Its unique shape and rainbow colors make us smile and lifts our spirits.

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age

Jeannie's Enterprises

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
5 years +


No additional warnings.

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