Pop Tubes 6-pack


Often a simple manipulative toy sparks amazingly inventive play. Creative thinking blossoms when kids play with Pop Tubes. Linked end to end, the flexible tubes become fire hoses and so much more.

Product Description

Pop Tubes 6-pack invites creative play. A sensory delight, these lightweight, flexible tubes provide auditory, visual, and tactile feedback. As well as strengthen muscles involved in two-handed activities. Simple accordion tubes pull out and push back. They also bend, snap together, and pull apart. Pull out as far as 29″. Then scrunch back to its original 8 1/2″. Bend one into a circle, snap the ends together and wear as a crown or a bracelet. Pop Tubes encourage creativity and  imaginative play. Can you connect enough tubes to create a hose? Then you can water your garden. Or put out a fire. Twirling an extended tube makes a whistling sound. The faster you twirl, the louder the whistle. That clearly shows cause and effect. As well as science at play.

These flexible tubes come in an assortment of rainbow colors. Be creative. Explore possibilities. Bend tubes into as many different shapes as you can. Toss a circle into the air. Does it fly? If so, how far? Join one to another and then another. How many can you connect? How long is the chain when all the tubes are pressed together? When they’re pulled out as far as each will go?  This is one toy where you can’t have too many.  Even for one creative child.  Play, learn, and develop muscle strength.  You’ll likely wish you’d ordered more. That’s why we also offer  a 24-pack.


Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

Special Supplies

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


No additional warnings.

Playopolis Tips:
Pop Tubes are must have toys for inclusive play.