Pustefix Bubble Bear


Squeeze the tummy on Pustefix Bubble Bear to make the bubble wand appear so that you can create all the fun without any of the mess. Pustefix Bubbles, made in Germany for over 50 years, are simply the best. Keep Bubble Bear handy and take regular bubble blowing breaks. You’ll smile as stress melts away with these no spill bubbles.

Product Description

The famous squeeze-my-tummy-and-a-wand-pops-up Pustefix Bubble Bear prevents spills and keeps hands clean. No dipping and dripping, simply a cascade of bubbles to delight the child in everyone.

Pustefix Bubble Bear brings smiles and peals of laughter to bubble blowers young and old. Feeling tense? Unleash a blast of bubbles. Blowing bubbles relieves tension. Our bodies relax. Our minds too. What’s more, bubble blowing requires prolonged breathing. Yet another way we let go of our worries. We’re happier. Also healthier.

Easy for small hands to hold, Bubble Bear contains 6 ounces. Squeeze-my-tummy-and-a-wand-pops-up design eliminates having to fish out a loose wand from a bottle of slippery bubble solution.

What better way to short circuit a melt down than blowing bubbles? Whether the one coming unglued is a child or an adult, bubbles have a soothing effect. Keep Bubble Bear in the diaper bag to distract tired, fussy babies (also their siblings and parents).

On a road trip? Pack no spill Pustefix Bubble Bears. A few minutes of bubble blowing at rest stops is a welcome distraction from riding down the highway. Also adds an element of fun.

Going to the beach? Hosting a picnic? Planning a party? Then stock up on Pustefix Bubble Bears. Every event is better with bubbles. Assorted primary colors. Children’s bubbles 3 pack also available.


Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Swallowable liquid. Not for children under three-years-old.

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