Texture and motion fascinate babies. Quubi encourages sensory exploration and fine motor skill building.

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Anyone who knows babies knows they are sensory beings. They explore with all their senses. Visually appealing, bright colors attract their attention. And arouse budding curiosity. That usually begins with a “taste  test.” Doesn’t seem to matter if the toy is hard or soft, smooth or textured. To the mouth it goes. But that’s only the beginning of getting to know Quubi.

Texture and movement fascinate babies. Lightweight, easy to grip, Quubi offers both. At first glance, baby sees rubbery, brightly colored, textured beads. Reaching out and grasping the cube, he discovers that the beads slide and spin. Not only that but he can also bend and twist the cube. Even flatten it. That’s because  the edges of this innovative cube connect by elastic bands.  Flexibility intrigues babies. And leads to further investigation. Gradually baby starts to recognize that when he does this, that happens. To confirm, he repeats his actions over and over again. These early experiences begin his understanding of cause and effect. Spinning and sliding beads, bending and twisting the cube also develop fine motor skills.

Talking to babies reaps multiple benefits. Hearing contributes to cognitive, speech, and language development. Begin by supplying words to identify the colors. Then point out the differences in texture among the beads. Some are bumpy. Others are ribbed. Additionally you can describe what the baby is doing. I see you like spinning the beads.

Without question these one-sided conversations strengthen relationships. Research confirms that babies learn to trust from their interactions with those around them. That’s another reason that gentle, playful, positive exchanges send powerful messages. Later your monologues will evolve into delightful conservations. Communication skills-listening intently and speaking mindfully-are key to developing healthy social skills.



Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Fat Brain Toys

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 months +


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