Rhythm Box II


Kids like music and movement. They're drawn to drums and enjoy drumming with their hands or mallets. Others gather around listening and moving with the music. Drums are communal instruments. Rhythm Box II is an adaptation of a Peruvian cajón box-a drum designed for sitting on the top and drumming on the front with both hands. Rhythm Box II rewards experimenting with sound. Attached to the inside of the front panel is a section of wire mesh that alters the sounds made by drumming.
Rhythm Box II measures 9″L x 6 3/4″W x 10 5/8″H.

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Product Description

Drumming is a natural instinct. Absent an instrument, we’ll improvise, drumming our hands on our legs or a tabletop. Many children have enjoyed drumming on an oatmeal box with a wooden spoon or raising a racket banging a spoon on the bottom of a pan. Making a joyful noise, expressing emotions, engaging in scientific inquiry, exploring acoustics, children drumming are doing all this and more. Drumming improves coordination and develops auditory discrimination, cognitive, motor, musical, and social skills.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


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