Row, Row, Row Your Boat Indestructibles


Imagine lightweight, washable, nontoxic, drool, chew, and rip proof books for babies. Because a mother of triplets did, babies can explore Row, Row, Row Your Boat with all their senses.

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Product Description

Everyone knows the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat, right? But have you seen the Indestructibles edition?  If you know anything about how babies approach books, you’ll be super impressed. First because of how its made. Thin Tyvek-like pages allow babies to grasp. Crumple.  Even turn pages without tearing.  As well as to droll and chew on the pages without damaging the book. Then by the engaging, modern graphics. Vivid, well-defined pictures  encourage natural conversation between parent and baby. Taking time to comment on the pictures not only enhances appreciation of the story. It also helps babies remember.  And gradually leads to storytelling.  As babies develop language, the stories become increasingly complex.

Traditional nursery rhymes and songs delight little ones, build memories, and serve as conversation starters. Granted, in the beginning conversations with babies are one speaker, one listener. Talk on nonetheless. Think about how important that is in creating emotional ties. The sound of your voice is one way the baby recognize you. In that way, reading together reenforces attachments. When reading Row, Row, Row Your Boat talk about the pictures. Point to the picture of the dog rowing the boat gently down the stream. Perhaps you’ve rowed a boat. If so, tell the baby. Share memories. Look ahead to a time when you and baby might “row gently down a stream.”  Wonder aloud where they’re headed.  Ask questions. Could it be to the house with smoke coming out the chimney? Posing questions and putting forth ideas enrich the storytelling experience. Later as  baby gains language skills, your monologues will become delightful conversations. Nontoxic. Safety-tested. Meets or exceeds CPSIA guidelines. Machine washable.

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Infant/First Toys


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0 +


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