Shape SENSEation


Explore color, shape, texture, and symmetry with Shape SENSEation, a visual and tactile matching game that supports cognitive, fine motor, speech and language development.

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Product Description

Shape SENSEation consists of six symmetrically divided, fabric-covered, soft, foam shapes – circle, square, triangle, star, crescent moon, and heart. Equipped with  velcro so that young children can easily pull apart and match according to shape, color, pattern, and texture. Back and front of each shape feature different visual and tactile combinations.  In addition  raised rib border on each shape makes Shape SENSEation a perfect matching game for all children. Because these soft, quiet shapes don’t cause a startle reflex when dropped, they’re ideal for children who startle easily.

Shape SENSEsation provides visual and tactile stimulation, sharpens memory and recall, and develops matching and problem solving skills. Shapes are 1 1/2″ thick and based on the 5″ square.  Shapes store in clear vinyl zip tote for on-the-go play.

Surface wash and air dry for best results. Machine wash gently only when absolutely necessary.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months +


No additional warnings.

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Must have toy for inclusive play.