Sorting Boat


Prepositions allow us to express a relation to a noun or pronoun, and that’s a critical communication skill. A cat walking across a busy street is a hazard to himself and others. One walking on the sidewalk is likely not. Our response to these two situations would naturally differ. Sorting Boat is unique in combining solid shapes with corresponding open ones to show that a shape is a shape, whether solid or open in the center. While playing, toddlers experiment and learn words to describe what’s where. The solid pegs fit in their corresponding holes. The open ones fit over the pegs. The pegs are now inside the open ones which fit around the pegsThe open shapes come off  the boat. The pegs come out of their holes.




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Product Description

Sorting Boat develops grasp and release, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, color and shape recognition, and language skills. Encourages imaginative play too. Boat measures 7 1/2″ end to end of topside.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
18 months +


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